Secondary Injector 3 and 6 Phase (Current & Voltage)

One of special tool for testing and commissioning in electrical distribution systems is secondary injector. Its use for testing of relay protection, device metering, generator control module and other devices that read electrical parameters. Several brand and type of devices that we have tested are: ABB (REF, REM, REC, REX, SPAJ, etc), Schneider (SEPAM, MICOM, VAMP, etc), Siemens (SIPROTEC, Reyrolle), GE Multilin, Toshiba and a lot of analog relay protection.

Almost of type protection can be tested by our tool. It consists of 6 current output, 6 voltage output, low ampere output and IEC 61850 communication tester. ANSI code can be tested at relay protection eg.:

  • 87 – Differential Protective Relay
  • 50 – Instantaneous Overcurrent Relay
  • 51 – AC Time Overcurrent Relay
  • 32 – Directional Power Relay (Reverse/Forward)
  • 27 – Undervoltage relay
  • 59 – Overvoltage Relay
  • 60 – Voltage or Current Balance Relay
  • 64 – Ground Protective Relay
  • 67 – AC Directional Overcurrent Relay
  • 78 – Phase Angle Measuring or Out-of-Step Protective Relay
  • 81 – Frequency Relay
  • 25 – Synchronizing or synchronism-check device

We are supported by expertise in testing of relay protection and electrical protection study.

Relay Protection Test
Relay Protection Test