Micrologic Test Kit (FFTK) Schneider

Micrologic Test - FFTK
Relay protection test of Micrologic ACB Schneider

Relay protection of Low Voltage Circuit Breaker is very important knowing performance to command trip. Low Voltage circuit breaker of Schneider Electric – ACB – has relay protection attached on the circuit breaker, naming Micrologic.

IDMT Curve
IDMT Curve

Micrologic has types of advanced protection and measurement:

  • 4 levels of protection against overloads and short circuits for the protection levels: 2.0 (LI), 5.0(LSI), 6.0(LSIG), 7.0 (LSIV, built-in earth leakage protection)
  • 4 types of measurement: A (Ammeter), E (Energy), P (Power) and H (Harmonics)

Full function test kit (FFTK) Micrologic
The test kit can be used to check:

  •  the mechanical operation of the circuit breaker
  • the electrical continuity of the connection between the circuit breaker and the control unit
  • operation of the control unit:
  1. display of settings
  2. automatic and manual tests on protection functions
  3. long and short time protection test
  4. instantaneous protection test
  5. inhibition of the earth-fault protection
  6. inhibition of the thermal memory